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Peter Ochs

Edgar M. Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies Professor Emeritus
  • PhD, Yale University (Charles Peirce's Metaphysical Conviction, with John E. Smith and Rulon Wells)
  • MA in Jewish Thought, The Jewish Theological Seminary
  • BA, summa cum laude in Anthropology with Honors with Exceptional Distinction, Yale College

Research Interests: 

  • Jewish philosophy and theology
  • Religion, Politics, and Conflict Studies
  • Comparative Jewish-Christian-Muslim studies
  • Abrahamic "Scriptural Reasoning"
  • Rabbinic semiotics
  • Judaism and science
  • Religion and foreign affairs
  • Postliberal Christian theologies
  • American philosophy, pragmatism
  • Charles Peirce's philosophy and recent philosophic theology

My research addresses several subjects: logic, semiotics, and scripture ("scriptural reasoning"); inter-religious violence and peacebuilding; philosophy and religion; the relation of contemporary Jewish thought to the classical biblical and rabbinic sources; relations among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions of scriptural interpretation; relations among contemporary religious, philosophic, and scientific reasoning.


  • Religion, Politics, and Conflict
  • Values, Language, and Religion
  • Basic Philosophy for Students of Theology and Religion
  • Scripture and Philosophy in Judaism
  • Signs of Salvation: Pragmatic Semiotics from Augustine to Peirce
  • Religion and Foreign Affairs
  • The Jewish Mystical Tradition
  • “God” (in Abrahamic and other traditions)
  • Postliberal Theologies: Christian and Jewish
  • What Is Scripture?
  • Science and Judaism
  • Prayer and Poetics
  • The Religions of Abraham in Peace and Conflict

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Mailing Address: 

Department of Religious Studies
PO Box 400126
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4126

Area(s) of Study: 

Comparative Scripture, Interpretation, and Practice