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John Gayle



  • Davidson College: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (1996)
  • Covenant Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity (2008)

Research Interests

My current area of interest is ethnographic research on children as they develop understanding of morality, religion, and ethics. You will also find me involved in: Narrative reasoning, Scriptural Reasoning, Covenant Theology, Interfaith Dialogue, and Religious Liturgy.


The bulk of my teaching experience has taken place off Grounds. While being a full time PhD student, I taught for three years (one part time, two full time) in a local classical Christian school working with children from ages 9-18. I taught Latin, Logic, Math, and Bible.

I also served as a TA for RELG 3559: Faith and Community in the Abrahamic Religions, and intend to teach an upcoming UVA course (Summer 2015) called “The Personality of God.”


  • 2011 Honorary Grant for Graduate Theological Studies (CTS)
  • Wilber B. & Mary C. Wallis Scholarship (one student selected annually by the faculty who shows promise and interest in Greek New Testament) (CTS)