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Evan Sandsmark

PhD 2022


  • B.A. Philosophy, English Literature; University of Colorado (2010)
  • M.A. Theology and Religion; Durham University (2013)
  • Ph.D. Religious Studies - Theology, Ethics, and Culture; University of Virginia 

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of religion, philosophical theology
  • The problem of evil in Christian thought
  • Philosophical and religious ethics
  • Differing methodologies and normative assumptions of religious studies, theology, and philosophy


University of Virginia:

  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015 – Theology, Ethics, and Medicine (Prof. James Childress)

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2016 – Religion in American after 1865 (Prof. Heather Warren)

  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016 – Theological Bioethics (Prof. Nichole Flores)

  • Teaching Assistant, Spring 2017 – Religion in American Life and Thought from 1865 to the Present  (Prof. Heather Warren) 

  • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017  – Elements of Christian Thought (Prof. Paul Jones)

University of Colorado:

  • Philosophy, English, and Writing Tutor – Fall 2008-Spring 2010 



  • “The Cosmological Argument: A Pragmatic Defense” (coauthored with Prof. Jason Megill). European Journal for Philosophy of Religion. Volume 2. Number 1. Spring 2010. 127-142.