Non-Departmental Courses

I. Courses In Other Departments that Will Count Towards the Religious Studies Major

  1. Department policy allows for a total of twelve credit hours of coursework taken outside the Department, in other UVA departments and outside the University, to be counted towards the Major. Of these, a maximum of six credit hours may be taken in other UVA departments. The total number of credit hours from outside the Department remains at twelve hours. 

  2. Courses that have been taken from this list and taught by the designated instructors (see below) will appear on the VISTAA form under the Religious Studies Major, but the original mnemonic will remain the same on the VISTAA form and the transcript.

  3. Additions can be made to the core list of courses by application to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval by the Undergraduate Committee with the submission of the course syllabus and a supporting statement by a Religious Studies faculty member. However, no additions to the list of approved courses can be made AFTER a student has enrolled in such a course.
  4. A maximum of three credit hours of coursework may be taken outside the Department either from another UVA department or from outside the University, and counted towards the Religious Studies Minor.
  5. The department does not allow retroactive requests for credit for courses taken outside the department. Students must submit a relevant syllabus and make the request for credit before the course ends.

II. List of Courses  

Listed Subject Area Title Department Required Instructor Equivalent Subject Area
AAS2700 Festivals of the Americas African American Studies Jalane Schmidt RELG
AAS3200 Martin, Malcolm and America African American Studies Mark Hadley RELG
ANTH2320 Anthropology of Religion  Anthropology George Mentore RELG
ANTH3630 Chinese Family and Religion Anthropology John Shepherd  RELB
ANTH 3325 Anthropology of God Anthropology George Mentore RELG
ANTH3700 Contemporary India Anthropology Ravindra Khare RELH
ARTH2861 East Asian Art Art/Art History Dorothy Wong RELB
ARTH2862 Arts of the Buddhist World- India to Japan Art/Art History Daniel Ehnbom RELB
ARTH2871 The Arts of India Art/Art History Daniel Ehnbom RELH
ARTH3861 Chinese Art Art/Art History Dorothy Wong RELB
ARTH3862 Japanese Art Art/Art History Dorothy Wong RELB
CLAS 3250/5250 Ancient Greek Religion Classics Jon Mikalson RELG
ENMC 3500 Contemporary Jewish Fiction English Caroline Rody RELJ
GREE2230 The New Testament I Classics   RELC
GREE2240 The New Testament II Classics   RELC
GETR3372 German Jewish Cult & History German Gabriel Finder RELJ
HIEU 2102 Jewish History II: The Modern Experience History James Loeffler RELJ
HIUS 2401  Hist of American Catholicism   History Gerald Fogarty RELC
HIST 5077  Pius XII, Hitler, the US & WW II   History Gerald Fogarty RELC
HIEU 3151 Islamic Iberia History   RELI
HIEU 3231 Reformation Europe History Erin Rowe RELC
HIEU 3372  German Jewish Cult & History
Gabriel Finder RELJ
HIEU 3452 German Jewish Culture and History
Gabriel Finder RELJ
HIEU 3692 The Holocaust History Gabriel Finder RELJ
HIUS 5559  American Religious History  Fall of 2010 only History Matthew Hedstrom RELG
MESA 3120 Classics of Islamic Literature: Islamic Mystical Writing MESALC Shankar Nair RELI
MESA 3345 Islam, Science, and the Environment MESALC Shankar Nair RELI      
PHIL 2660 Philosophy of Religion PHIL Trenton Merricks RELG
PHIL 2670 God PHIL Jorge Secada RELG
TBTN1010 Elementary Tibetan I MESALC   RELB
TBTN2010 Intermediate Tibetan I MESALC   RELB
TBTN3010 Advanced Modern Tibetan I MESALC   RELB
TBTN3030 Advanced Modern Tibetan III MESALC   RELB
SANS 1010 Elementary Sanskrit I MESALC   RELG
SOC3450 Women, Islam and Modernity Sociology Rachel Rinaldo RELI
SOC4052 Sociology of Religious Behavior Sociology William Wilcox RELG
SWAG3120 Women and Islam WGS Farzaneh Milani RELI
SWAG3140 Women, Islam & Lit in Mid East WGS Farzaneh Milani RELI
WGS 3120 Women and Islam WGS Farzaneh Milani RELI
WGS 3140 Women, Islam & Lit in Mid East WGS Farzaneh Milani RELI