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Minoring in Religious Studies can enhance students’ undergraduate education, whether their major is in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Students specialize in one religious tradition and have the opportunity to study religion from a variety of perspectives.

Requirements to Fulfill the Minor:

In order to complete a minor in Religious Studies, each student must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The completion of a minimum of five graded courses (15 credits) within the Department of Religious Studies.

2. The completion of two courses (6 credits) in one of the world's major religious traditions as a primary concentration: African religions (RELA), Buddhism (RELB), Christianity (RELC), Hinduism (RELH), Islam (RELI) or Judaism (RELJ).

  • RELG 1010 may be counted toward a concentration in Christianity, Islam or Judaism.
  • RELG 1040 may be counted toward a concentration in Buddhism or Hinduism.

3. At least one of the five required courses (3 credits) must be taken at the 3000 level, or above.

4. A grade of C (2.0) or above must be achieved in each course offered for the completion of the Religious Studies minor.

Applications must be filled out in duplicate in consultation with a departmental faculty member.  Religious Studies Minor forms (adobe pdf) can be downloaded here.Two copies are required: take one to Monroe Hall, and the other to the Religious Studies Office in 323 Gibson Hall.