How To Declare Your Religious Studies Major


To declare a major in Religious Studies, you need to find a faculty advisor and submit the electronic Declaration of Major Form

Any full-time member of the Religious Studies faculty may serve as an advisor. Adjunct professors, visiting scholars, and graduate students may not serve in this role. You are encouraged to select your own advisors and it is recommended that you first approach professors with whom you have taken courses. Once you have selected an advisor, and that person agrees to serve in that role, please send the Director of Undergraduate Programs, Prof. Noah Salomon​, an email, cc'ing your new advisor, to announce this arrangement, and Prof. Salomon will add your advisor's name to your declaration. If you  are having trouble securing an advisor on your own, please email Prof. Salomon, who will be happy to work with you to find a suitable faculty member to serve in this role. While you are not required to choose an advisor in the same area as your primary concentration within the major, you may find it beneficial to do so.

After you've discussed your program of study with you advisor (consulting the degree requirements on the Undergraduate Major page along the way!), it's time to fill out the Declaration of Major Form. Please put Prof. Noah Salomon ( as the Department Contact on your form. On this form, list all the classes you have taken that you wish to apply towards the major and any other classes that you will need to take to complete the program. Note that the declaration form is not set in stone, so future courses listed on the form are not binding. The idea is to show that you understand what the major should look like in terms of having the correct number and types of courses. Please do not, however, change concentrations after submitting the form without getting in touch with the Director of Undergraduate Programs . Importantly, please keep the major requirements in mind when registering for classes so as to be sure you have fulfilled the major requirements by graduation. When filling out the form,  be sure to list both your primary and secondary concentrations directly after you type in the name of the major (e.g. write: Religious Studies, Conc1RELI; Conc2RELB). 

If you have any questions about the major, or how to declare it, please reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Programs for the department, Prof. Noah Salomon, or to one our department's Undergraduate Peer Advisors.