Study Abroad Course in Vienna

Jewish Vienna and Europe: Past and Present

Explore and experience Jewish history, culture, and everyday life in Europe from a multidisciplinary perspective. UVa Jewish Studies Program faculty will accompany student participants on this three-week course, which will consist of introductory lectures, site visits, guest speakers, and personal encounters. Hosted by the University of Vienna, we will be holding classes on site, including field trips within Austria and a three-day visit to cities of Jewish interest such as Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, or Venice. The objective of the course is to acquaint students in a deep way with the history, culture, and everyday lives of European Jews through immersion in their seminal texts, ideas, cultural artifacts, and practices in the past and present.

The Jewish Vienna program is especially designed by UVa Jewish Studies Program faculty to complement the university curriculum. The course is taught in English and does not have a language requirement. For students with knowledge in German, there will be ample opportunity to practice their language skills and work with original texts. Students completing the course assignments will receive UVa direct credit (3 credits). Grades are factored into the UVa GPA. The course may be applied toward Jewish Studies major and minor requirements. For major and minor credit in other departments and programs, students should consult their advisors.

For more information about the course please contact Prof. Asher Biemann, or consult the website of the UVa International Studies Office (ISO).