Financial Aid Information

Because the University of Virginia is a public, state-assisted institution, the basic costs of graduate study (tuition and fees) are lower than those of private institutions with programs of comparable scope and quality. In addition to this general benefit, the Department of Religious Studies offers financial aid to PhD graduate students, which includes fellowships and teaching assistantships. Students designated as Teaching Assistants are paid, as part of their funding, to assist the faculty in the tasks of undergraduate instruction by leading discussion groups.

No financial aid is available for students seeking the MA as their final degree.

Fellowships are offered to our entering students, based primarily on academic merit through the Department, renewable up to five years, based on continued good academic standing. Jefferson Scholars Fellowships are also renewable for five years and awarded to candidates nominated by the Department and selected based on a national competition in February. 

Work/study Study Programs, Loan Programs, and other employment opportunities are administered through the University’s Office of Financial Aid to Students. The deadline for applying for federally- subsidized Work Study is March 31. Students should contact the University’s Student Financial Services office at or phone (434) 982-6000.