South Asian Religions

Faculty: Michael Allen, Erik Braun, David Germano, Sonam Kachru, Shankar Nair, John Nemec

The Department of Religious Studies offers graduate training in the study of South and Southeast Asian religious traditions from premodernity to the present. Supported languages include Sanskrit, Pali, Persian, Arabic, Hindi-Urdu, Braj Bhāṣā, Kashmiri, and Burmese. The program is primarily focused on Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic traditions, but it is also possible to design a program of study focusing on Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, or Judaism in South Asia.  

While a variety of methods are encouraged, the particular strengths of our faculty make the University of Virginia an especially congenial place for the study of philosophy and theology in South and Southeast Asia, from antiquity to the present.