Religious Studies PhD Candidate Samuel Grimes Receives Double Hoo Award

May 20, 2020

Third-year PhD Candidate Samuel Grimes was featured in UVA Today as a recipient of the "Double Hoo" research award.

The University awarded 15 new “Double Hoo” research awards, which fund research collaborations between undergraduate and graduate students. Each project receives up to $6,000 toward research expenses, funded through the Robert C. Taylor Fund. This year, the University awarded 15 awards from a selection of 51 sets of applicants. The funding will allow students to continue research they have already started, expand what they have been doing, or start something new.

Samuel Grimes, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in religious studies focusing on South Asian Buddhism, is collaborating with Emil Andersen, a second-year economics major. They are researching the medieval formational period of the contemporary Newar Buddhist “Vajrācārya” caste, as well as examining recent activities among members of that caste to open their form of Buddhism to outsiders. For more information on the "Double Hoo" research award, use the link to the article below.