Religious Ethics

Faculty: Elizabeth Shanks Alexander, Michael Allen, Ahmed H. al-Rahim, Jessica Andruss, Larry D. Bouchard, Erik Braun, Ashon Crawley, Nichole Flores, Jennifer Geddes, David Germano, Natasha Heller, Willis Jenkins, Paul Dafydd Jones, Sonam Kachru, Charles Mathewes, Shankar Nair, Vanessa Ochs

Religious Ethics comprises the study of ethical theory, issues, and methods both within and independent of religious traditions and systems of thought. “Ethics” is, broadly speaking, the scrutiny and self-critical analysis of how people live, and the critical construction of proposals for how they might live better. Courses and comprehensive examinations are offered in:

1. Major traditions of religious ethics, historical and contemporary (e.g., Christian Ethics, Islamic Ethics, Buddhist Ethics, Jewish Ethics)

2. Applied Ethics (e.g., environmental or political)

3. Philosophical Ethics