Prof Vanessa Ochs Receives Student Council Teaching Award

May 24, 2021

Professor Vanessa Ochs was awarded this year's Student Council Teaching Award. 

Every year, Academic Affairs recognizes 11 outstanding faculty members in Student Council’s annual Teaching Awards. These professors are student-chosen based on the quality and quantity of nominations. Many faculty members were nominated, and the committee gave careful consideration to all of the nominees. Receiving this award means that you have left a profound impact on your students, both through your teaching skills and commitment to your students. 

Here is a highlight from her students' nominations: "Professor Ochs is not just a professor; She is a mentor, a mother, a friend, and an amazing person that I will ever encounter in my life. When I am in her class, I not only learn about what's in the books or the materials that we are learning but about 'life' in general. She takes us on incredible spiritual journeys during each class and genuinely takes care of her students and offers help. Her lectures are wonderful; it is hard to describe in words how wonderful they are. I wish I had her class every day. She truly deserves this honor."