Prof Vanessa Ochs' Community Engagement Class Featured in UVA Today

June 19, 2020

Professor Vanessa Ochs' class, "The Passover Haggadah: A Community Engagement Class,” was featured in UVA Today as a "unique Religious Studies course" that adds "new dimensions" to the study of the passover ritual. This article explores how Professor Ochs and her students creatively adapted the course during the global pandemic. 

“The Haggadah has been changing since its inception,” says Professor Ochs, as quoted in the article, “and what sustains the text and the practice of Passover is that it allows for creativity as one engages with it; in that way it remains relevant.” In the wake of the global pandemic, and the shift to virtual learning, Professor Ochs reports that students "began to think incredibly creatively. They anticipated how technology would be used to sustain individuals and communities; they designed texts that could be used for virtual rituals.”

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