Prof. Peter Ochs Honored with Unique Festschrift

August 5, 2021

Professor Peter Ochs was featured in UVAToday, as he is honored with a unique festschrift to commemmorate his career. "The festschrift is unique to academia, honoring a retiring faculty member with a compilation of essays written by authors in honor of the retiree. In the case of Peter Ochs, the University of Virginia’s Edgar Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies, his friends and colleagues took the tradition a step further: 16 of the pieces in his festschrift, “Signs of Salvation” – presented in June – are carefully considered analyses of Ochs’ own research or teaching, integrated with comments about his how work influenced the lives of the authors, who included six of his former Ph.D. students, plus many colleagues around the world. The co-editors were former UVA Ph.D. students Mark James and Randi Rashkover. Ochs, who plans to step down in December, said he was “especially moved and instructed” by the collection." 

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