Prof. Paul D. Jones Speaks about Patience on BBC Radio Wales program "All Things Considered"

November 23, 2020

Professor Paul D. Jones has been featured on the BBC Radio Wales program, "All Things Considered," in which he speaks on the relationship between the concept of "patience" and the Christian faith. "I think there's a cluster of meanings that crop up time and time again, both in Scripture and in the Christian tradition," Prof. Jones says. "Patience as a matter of exercising forbearance. Patience as a matter of waiting on God, hoping for either local incidents of salvation or, more grandly, for a fuller realization of the Kingdom. And perhaps patience as undergoing transformation.... What I've just said of course refers primarily to human exercises of patience.There are suggestions in Scripture that God is and exercises patience, being steadfast and sometimes longsuffering. And that switch I think between the human and the divine makes for a fairly complex terrain." Listen to the episode here