Prof Jalane Schmidt Interviewed by Washington Post about Removal of Confederate Statue

September 24, 2020

Religious Studies professor Jalane Schmidt was intereviewed by the Washington Post about the recent removal of a Confederate statue located near the site of the violent 2017 Unite the Right rally. “The state is saying in an official way, ‘We reject this symbol,’ ” Professor Schmidt says, as quoted in the article. “It can’t be written off as the vigilante action of just a few.”

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Professor Schmidt has also written a column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch on the recent removal of “Johnny Reb,” a mass-produced cast bronze life-size Confederate soldier statue that guarded Virginia’s Albemarle County courthouse for 111 years: Seller beware — The moral risks of hazardous statue disposal.

See also Professor Schmidt's interview by Charlottesville Tomorrow on "what Biden and Harris could learn from #charlottesville since unite the right."