Highlighted Courses


RELC 1220 Early Christianity and the New Testament

Julia LIllis

Studies the history, literature, and theology of earliest Christianity in light of the New Testament. Emphasizes the cultural milieu and methods of contemporary biblical criticism.

RELC 2559 Global Evangelicalism 

Daryn Henry

From the colonial revivals of George Whitefield to the antebellum abolitionists to the unexpected rise of Donald Trump, Evangelicals have played a vital and contested role in American society, leaving an indelible impact on our culture. During the 20th and into the 21st century, Evangelicalism has also burgeoned into a truly global faith tradition. With an estimated 600 million+ adherents transforming societies from China to Nepal to Kenya to Brazil, Evangelicalism has been at the vanguard of the surge of Christianity in the Global South. This course engages in an multidisciplinary and polyperspectival introduction to this religious movement within World Christianity.

RELC 3559 Experiencing God

Daryn Henry

The Christian experience of God has often been described as a personal engagement with or in the "spirit." This course examines Christian beliefs, practices, and spiritualities of the Holy Spirit. Exploration involves scriptural, historical, and contemporary sources, including interpretation of formal doctrinal treatises, devotional literature, spiritual practices, and liturgical imagery. Special attention will be given to the rise of charismatic forms of Christianity this past century & corresponding controversies about the experience of the divine.        

RELG 3559 Theology and Identity

Brandy Daniels

What do theological studies have to say about what identity is, about the factors that make up one’s identity, and, especially, about how identities are formed and function in the contemporary US? This course explores these questions and more from the perspective of and in conversation with Christian traditions, examining the ways theology both shapes and is shaped by sites of difference, accounts of identity, and processes of social formation. This course will place theological inquiry in conversation with key developments and topics in critical identity scholarship in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Disability and Crip Studies.           

RELG 3559 Religion, Race, and Belonging

Katherine Mohrman

This course examines race and religion as co-constitutive formations that have played a fundamental part in determining the boundaries of belonging in the US. Issues addressed include religious freedom, whiteness, marriage, and immigration. The course pays special attention to the intersection between religious narratives of race and national narratives of inclusion.

RELG 3559 Religion and Sexuality

Katherine Mohrman

This graduate seminar explores intersecting discourses of religion and sexuality in the modern era. Students will consider the ways in which religions have both constructed notions of sexuality and influenced sexual practice over time. Course will also examine how religious conceptions of normative sex and sexuality have shaped culture and politics in the modern era.

RELG 3559 God, Money, and Terror

Jonathan Teubner

RELG 5559 Blackness and Mysticism

Ashon Crawley

This course considers the radicalism internal to a European Mystical Tradition but also its delimitation, particularly with how it gets cognized in western thought. We will then investigate a Black Radical Mystical Tradition that cannot be, as Robinson might say, "understood within the particular context of it genesis." It is a lived and living tradition, a tradition against religion, a tradition against western thought and modern Man.