Dissertations in Progress

African and African Diaspora Religions

Tatman, Dallas, "The King of the Ring: Religion, Wrestling, and Pluralism in Senegal" (Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, Advisor)

American Religions

Betts, Stephen, "Wild Prophet, Primitive Church: Hieroglyphs, Translation, and Ancient Modernity in Joseph Smith’s Book of Abrham" (Kathleen Flake, Advisor)

Kime, Bradley, "Believing Freely: A Legal History of Private Property and Religious Mind Control" (Kathleen Flake, Advisor)

Pingeon, Maxwell, "'Our Anglo-Saxon Race': Irish, French-Canadians, and the School Question in New England, 1889-1929.” (Matthew Hedstrom, advisor)

Buddhist Studies

Cape, Kali Nyima, "A History of a Tibetan Meditation Curriculum: Revelations & Re-revelations of The Seminal Heart of the Ḍākinī" (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Liddle, Adam, "Acoustic Awakening: Sound and Sonic Imagination in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra” (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Yonnetti, Eben, "The Transmission, Adaptation, and Localization of Tibetan Buddhism in Modern Taiwan," (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Zuckerman, Devin, "Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space: A History of Matter in the Great Perfection Seminal Heart Tradition of Tibet" ((David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Christian Theological Perspectives

Cable, Elizabeth, "The Courage to Be Otherwise: A Neurodivergent Theology of Liberation and Survival" (Paul Jones & Nichole Flores, Advisors)

Evans, Jason, "If God Be for Us: Toward a Theology of Atonement and Christian Life from a Black Queer Perspective" (Paul Jones, Advisor)

Sandsmark, Evan, "Evil, Contingency, and Morality" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Comparative Scripture, Interpretation, and Practice

Aziz, Sara, "Habits of Interpretation in Islamic Feminist Exegesis" (Vanessa Ochs, Advisor)

History of Religions

Sonam, Ngawang, “Phywa pa chos kyi seng ge and The Intellectual History of His Madhyamaka Philosophy” (Kurtis Schaeffer & David Germano, Advisors)

Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity

Bultman, Rebecca, "Anthropomorphic Angels in the Ancient Jewish Novels: The Case for a Class of Characters and their Impact" (Martien Halvorson-Taylor & Janet Spittler, Advisors)

Cifers, Carrie, "Deciding Dinah: An Investigation in the Narrative Ethics of Genesis 34 and Its Re-Presentation in Jubilees, Josephus’s Judean Antiquities, and Joseph and Aseneth" (Martien Halvorson-Taylor, Advisor)

Morris, Peter, "Lactantius, Eusebius, and the Invention of Apologetic," (Karl Shuve, Advisor)

Sellick, Jeannie, "The Strongest Seed: Jerome's Fashioning of Ascetic Masculinity in Late Antiquity" (Karl Shuve, Advisor)

Religious Ethics

Coleman, Creighton, "From Contempt to Encounter: Pentecostal Politics and the Tensions of Public Life" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

South Asian Religions

Grimes, Samuel, "The Evolving Vajrācāryas: A History of Newar Buddhism" (John Nemec, Advisor)

2022 PhDs

Hiebert, Christopher, "Authentically Buddhist, Distinctively Nyingma: Gyelse Shenpen Taye (rgyal sras gzhan phan mtha yas, 1800-1855) and the Formation of the Modern Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism" (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Hilker, Eric, "Irony of the Other: Christian Ethics Beyond the MacIntyrian Subject" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Rose, Kevin, "Living Green: The Neoliberal Climate of Protestant Environmentalism" (Matthew Hedstrom, Advisor)

Worth, Naomi, "The Enlightenment of the Body: The Theory and Practice of Winds and Channels Yoga at Namdroling Monastery and Nunnery in South India" (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

2021 PhDs

Kamaoji, FNU, "Narrative and Ethics in Tibet: The Ethical Cosmology of Female Revenants" (David Germano & Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisors)

Sorgen, Jeremy, "Pragmatic Ethics: Rethinking Environmental Practice and Social Change" (Willis Jenkins, Advisor)

Taylor, Andrew, "Toward a Revival of Comparative Religion: A Case Study in Buddhist and Quaker Ecumenical Discourses" (Kurtis Schaeffer & Matthew Hedstrom)

2020 PhDs

Farley, Matthew, "The Phenomenology of Samaritan Compassion: The Stoics and Their Limits" (Kevin Hart, Advisor)

Hendrickson, Caleb, "Paul Tillich, Franz Rosenzweig: Picturing Revelation" (Paul Jones and Asher Biemann, Advisors)

Kreider, Luke, "Theologies of Peace and Ecologies of Violence" (Willis Jenkins, Advisor)

Liang, Jue, "Conceiving the Mother of Tibet: The Life, Lives, and Afterlife of the Buddhist Saint Yeshe Tsogyel" (Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisor)

May, Isaac, "God-Optional Religion in Twentieth-Century America: Quakers, Unitarians, Reconstructionist Jews, and the Crisis Over Theism, 1920-1965" (Matthew Hedstrom, Advisor)

Nilon, Michael, "American Zen Hospital Chaplaincy: The Practice of Mindful Spiritual Care" (Vanessa Ochs, Advisor)

Noor, Shifa,  "From Self to Self-ness: Muhammad Iqbal's Conception Khudī as a Moral-Ontological Vision" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Speight, Mae, "The Ministerial Reformation: A History of Women and Ministry in the Mainline, 1920-1980" (Kathleen Flake, Advisor)

Tate, Ashley, "Reading from the Inside Out: The Biblical Generation of a Feminist Hermeneutic" (Martien Halvorson-Taylor, Advisor)

Wise, Daniel, "American Ghost Hunting: A Modern American Enchantment" (Matthew Hedstrom, Advisor)

2019 PhDs

Fisher, Jeremy, “A Promising Godlessness: Recovering the Religious Atheism of Ludwig Feuerbach" (Paul Jones, Advisor)

Geisshuesler, Flavio, “Prisons of Freedom: An Interdisciplinary Study of Contemplative Practices in Great Perfection Buddhism” (David Germano, Advisor)

Gillespie, Charles, "Drama Alone is Credible: Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Interpretive Work of Theatre and Performance in Twentieth-Century Christian Thought" (Kevin Hart, Advisor)

Newman, Adam, “Constructing Sacred Space in Mewar: Text, Temple, and Landscape in the Fifteenth-Century Ekalingamahatmya" (John Nemec, Advisor)

Stafford, Samuel, “The Creation of Arabian Jewish Tradition: The Myth and Image of Muhammad's Jewish Companion Abdallah ibn Salam (d. 43/663) in Classical Islam" (Ahmed Al-Rahim, Advisor)

Tovar-Argueta, Oscar, “Historicism and the Question of Normativity: From Georg Hegel to Karl-Otto Apel" (Paul Jones, Advisor)

Trautz, Nicholas, “The Legacy of the Eight Teachings: Revelation, Ritual, and Enlightened Violence in Classical Tibet" (David Germano, Advisor)

Zhang, Linghui, “The Sutric, the Tantric and Beyond: A Mahamudra paradigm - as well as its Indian and Tibetan Sources of Inspiration - in the Keypoints of Mahamudra as the Ultimate compiled by Dehui" (Kurtis Schaeffer & David Germano, Advisors)

2018 PhDs

Figueroa-Ray, Kelly, “Beloved Community in Multicultural Contexts: The Lived Theology of Pastor Miguel Balderas" (Charles Marsh, Advisor)

Gleason, Paul, “The Two Herberts: Philosophy, Religion, and Poetry in the Works of George and Edward Herbert" (Kevin Hart, Advisor)

Hoehner, Paul, “The Covenantal Theology of Jonathan Edwards" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Kauffman, Kayla, “Offerings in a Time of Wait: Giving, Receiving, and Prophesying Prosperity in Togolese Charismatic Churches" (Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, Advisor)

Renqingduojie, FNU, “The Development of Buddhist Traditions in Northeastern Tibet: A New Religious History of Rebgong in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" (Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisor)

Teubner, Rachel, “Humility as Paradox: Virtue and Vocation in Dante's Commedia" (Kevin Hart, Advisor)

Walton, Nathan, “Blessed and Highly Favored: The Theological Anthropology of the Prosperity Gospel" (Charles Marsh, Advisor)

Wright, Charles, “Communion and Being: Re-thinking Ontology and Morality with John Zizioulas" (Vigen Guroian & Kevin Hart, Advisors)

2017 PhDs

Aiken, Guy, “Social Christianity and the American Friends Service Committee's Pacifist Humanitarianism in Germany and Appalachia, 1919-1941" (Matthew Hedstrom, Advisor)

Breckenridge, Gillian, “Evading the Word, Creating the Gospel: Karl Barth and Michel Foucault on the Power/Knowledge of Sin and the Task of Theology" (Paul Jones, Advisor)

Collier, John “Winn”, “Holy Ground: The Sacramental Landscape of Berry's Port William" (Willis Jenkins, Advisor)

Cotherman, Charles, “Awakening the Lay Evangelical Mind: Francis Schaeffer, James Houston, and the Christian Study Center Movement in North America" (Mathew Hedstrom)

Elser, Ashleigh, “Beyond Unity: Reading Hermeneutic Frictions in Biblical Literature" (Paul Jones & Larry Bouchard, Advisors)

Epstein-Levi, Rebecca, “Safe, Sane, and Attentive: Toward a Jewish Ethic of Sex and Public Health" (Margaret Mohrmann, Advisor)

Filler, Emily, “A Stubborn and Rebellious Bible:  Modern Jewish Scripture, Troubling Texts, and the Recovery of Rabbinic Hermeneutics" (Peter Ochs, Advisor)

Kane, Edward “Ross”, “The Syncretism of Tradition: Reappraising Cultural Mixture in Christianity" (Charles Mathewes & Paul Jones, Advisors)

Lenow, Joseph, “Suffering the World: An Augustinian Christology" (Charles Mathewes & Paul Jones, Advisors)

McGrath, William, “Buddhism and Medicine in Tibet: Origins, Ethics, and Tradition" (David Germano, Advisor)

Mikles, Natasha, “The Taming of the King: Nyingma Ethical Revitalization and the Gesar Epic in Non-Sectarian Tibet" (Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisor)

Norris, Kristopher, “Witnessing Whiteness: Hauerwas & Cone and the Challenge of Black Theology for Postliberal Ecclesiology" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Pickell, Travis, “Burdened Agency and End-of-Life Ethics: A Theological Analysis" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

Reveley, Nelson, “A Theology of Consumption" (Charles Mathewes)

Rolf, Eva Natanya, “Sacred Illusion:  On Purity and Creation in Je Tsongkhapa's Philosophy of Tantra" (David Germano, Advisor)

Siebeking, Robert “Brian”, “The Creation of an Islamic Literary Genre: Popular Religious Education in Tha'labi's (d.427/1035) Tales of the Prophets” (Ahmed Al-Rahim, Advisor)

Williams, Samuel Free, “Determining What Counts as Religion in American Public Life: Theory, History and Law" (Charles Mathewes, Advisor)

2016 PhDs

Barer, Deborah, “A Judge With No Courtroom: Law, Ethics and the Rabbinic Idea of Lifnim Mi-Shurat Ha-Din" (Elizabeth Alexander, Advisor)

Faizi, Mian Muhammad Nauman, “From Representationalism to Pragmatism: Muhammad Iqbal's Reading of Religion in Modernity” (Peter Ochs, Advisor)               

Henry, Leslie Meltzer, “Conceptions of Dignity in Moral and Legal Discourse" (James Childress, Advisor)

James, Mark, “Learning the Language of Scripture: Origen, Wisdom, and Exegetical Inquiry" (Peter Ochs, Advisor)

McRorie, Christina, “A Theology of Moral Agency in Capitalism Today" (Charles Mathewes & Paul Jones, Advisors)

Perry, Larry, “The Undiscovered Thurman: The Early Howard Thurman and Religious Liberalism Unfinished Business of Race Relations" (Heather Warren, Advisor)

Pierce, James, “Exaltation of the Goddess: Narrative Expressions of the Feminine Divine in the Devipurana" (John Nemec, Advisor)

Schuman, Michael, “Building Place and Shaping Lives: Nartang Monastery from the Twelfth through Fifteenth Centuries” (Kurtis Schaeffer, Advisor)