Christian Theological Perspectives

Faculty: Larry D. Bouchard, Ashon Crawley, Kathleen Flake, Nichole Flores, Jennifer Geddes, Willis Jenkins, Paul Dafydd Jones, Charles Marsh, Charles Mathewes, Karl Shuve

This area focuses on the interpretation, analysis, critique, assessment, and constructive development of Christian thought in the past and the present. It encompasses a wide array of subgenres (systematic theology, fundamental theology, moral theology, political theology, liberation theologies, etc.), acknowledges diverse denominational and non-denominational perspectives, and reckons with a range of interdisciplinary issues. Students study and explore various historical periods, stretching from antiquity through the medieval, modern, and contemporary periods. Courses and comprehensive exams are offered in the following general topics:

  1. Ancient to Medieval
  2. Medieval through Modern
  3. Modern through Contemporary
  4. Topics and Thinkers