Andrej Petrovic

Professor of Classics

Andrej Petrovic (PhD Heidelberg 2004) is Professor of Classics and an editor of Greece and Rome. He works on Greek religion and epigraphy. His main publications are Inner Purity and Pollution in Greek ReligionVolume I. Early Greek Religion, Oxford et al.: Oxford University Press, co-authored with Ivana Petrovic, 2016 and  Kommentar zu den simonideischen Versinschriften. (Mnemosyne Supplement 282), Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2007. He has co-edited Archaic and Classical Greek Epigram. Contextualisation and Literarisation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010, paperback 2016 and The Materiality of Text: placements, presences and perceptions of inscribed text in classical antiquity


Recent graduate courses include Topics in Greek Religion, Lucian, and Greek verse-inscriptions.