John Campbell

Assistant Professor

Nau Hall, N-152


PhD in Religious Studies, Columbia University

Research Interests

Dr. Campbell’s research interests encompass the literature of esoteric practice systems of Southern and Himalayan Asia, and extend also to critical issues of translation, interpretation, and hermeneutics. He is currently working on a monograph about the commentarial literature of Tantric Buddhist practice systems in late first millennium India.

As a member of the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) Directorate, Dr. Campbell is working to develop new study opportunities and research initiatives that integrate the core academic objectives of the Arts and Sciences with the transformative ideas, values, and skills of contemplative traditions. His most significant and innovative efforts to bring the CSC's vision into the University currently are in the area of curriculum design, including an undergraduate exploration of Yoga practice in which the conventional syllabus is supplemented by instruction in postural yoga (see "Theory and Practice of Yoga"), as well as a new graduate course on esoteric practices in Asian religions. Dr. Campbell is also currently discussing plans with the Religion Department for the creation of the MA degree in Yoga Studies. Other notable efforts include collaborations with the Contemplative Pedagogies Project of the Teaching Resource Center to promote contemplative practices in teaching, and expanding opportunities for contemplative instruction throughout the University community as part of CSC's coordinated efforts to promote health and wellness practices.