RS MA Program

MA-Religious Studies

From MA to PhD

Position yourself for admission to top doctoral programs

MA-Religious Studies

The Concentration in World Religions, World Literatures

Explore the literariness of sacred traditions and their influence on secular texts

MA-Religious Studies

The Concentration in Religion, Politics & Conflict

Understand the role of religious institutions and practices in peacebuilding and violence

Read Professor Nichole Flores's most recent essay for America magazine. 

New project on Religion, Race and Global Democracies will draw on faculty and graduate students from several academic departments across UVA.

Students from across the humanities and social sciences whose research engages with concepts of gender and sexuality convene in this program to gain more systematic exposure to both classic and cur

Student-centered placement philosophy, statistics and lists.

Master’s and doctoral students across the humanities come together to explore new methods and forms of data that will transform their research questions and level of public engagement.

(This area will introduce recent student research in the World Religions / World Literatures concentration.)

Graduate students benefit from a unique depth of coursework, faculty, international partnerships and funding.

Focus on our graduates who have pursued a pastoral vocation. 

UVA Religious Studies faculty have a long history of mentoring MA students.

(This area will feature student research in the Religion, Politics and Conflict concentration.)