Lecture on Islamic Contemplative Practice in the Context of Sufism

April 3, 2017
Wilson 301

Prof. Maria Massi Dakake (George Mason University) will deliver a lecture on Islamic contemplative practice in the context of Sufism, entitled “Encountering the Divine through His Most Beautiful Names.”

The Qur’an asserts that “to God belong the most beautiful names” and that believers should “call Him by them.” Muslims have traditionally identified 99 names or attributes of God mentioned in the Qur’an that reflect God’s transcendence and immanence, His beauty and majesty, His compassion and power. The Qur’anic command to call God by His “beautiful names” has led to the development of these names, and various practices of invoking them, as keys to contemplative practice (dhikr) in Islam, and particularly in the mystical perspective of Sufism. This talk will examine contemplative practices related to the names of God in traditional Islamic thought.

4:00–5:30 p.m.